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  Emmathist Numerology by Emmy Thomson

Pythagoras, known by many as a mathematician and philosopher, is generally accepted as the father of the Science of Numbers and the Theory of Magnitude. He contemplated the idea that all life has a vibration, system and order... a mathematical, musical, ethical, social and cosmic order. 

Juno Jordan, one of the founders of modern numerology, quotes a Pythagorean concept in her book, The Romance in Your Name, "The principles governing the numbers were understood to be the principles of real existence; the elements  of numbers were the elements of realities." 

Emmy Thomson
 has been fascinated with numbers all of her life. She received her BFA and MFA in Dance at the University of Utah and continued on to dance and teach professionally for several decades. Her connection to formations, patterns, music and movement took her into deep contemplation regarding vibration, numbers, sound and creative expression. She stumbled upon numerology at a conference while having lunch with 2 strangers who guessed her numbers just by listening to a half hour conversation. She promptly asked for their teacher's contact information and the rest is history. She studied with Allison Baughman for many years has been doing readings for the past decade. Emmy believes that you are a geometric work of art, sounding notes in a cosmic symphony!  
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Basic Chart- $75 Describes your innate gifts, likes, dislikes, extroversion and introversion and service to the world.  It becomes a map with guide posts for your life. Do you feel like your life is an up hill battle? Do you have flashes of intuition and inspiration? A basic numerology session will help you to understand the geometric fabric of yourself and others.

Projected Chart - An hour and a half reading by phone or in person is $125, which includes the basic chart plus your year by year essence numbers that can show the patterns, events and lessons of your past, the energy of the present, and themes heading your way in the future. This is exciting and extraordinarily helpful, predictive information. Rather than swimming up stream, you can follow the path you were meant to take toward peace, love and service.

Readings can be done in person or over the phone. Visit to make an appointment.

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